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67. Chart Tools

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CHART TOOLS menu comprises of two tabs DESIGN and FORMAT.

When you click on a chart, a new tab CHART TOOLS comprising of DESIGN and FORMAT tabs appear on the Ribbon.


Click the FORMAT tab on the Ribbon. The Ribbon changes to the FORMAT commands.


The Ribbon contains the following format commands −

  • Current Selection Group
    • Chart Element Selection Box
    • Format Selection
    • Reset to Match Style
  • Insert Shapes Group
    • Different Shapes to Insert
    • Change Shape
  • Shape Styles Group
    • Shape Styles
    • Shape Fill
    • Shape Outline
    • Shape Effects
  • WordArt Styles
    • WordArt Styles
    • Text Fill
    • Text Outline
    • Text Effects
  • Arrange Group
    • Bring Forward
    • Send Backward
    • Selection Pane
    • Align
    • Group
    • Rotate
  • Size Group
    • Shape Height
    • Shape Width

Current Selection Group

You can format chart elements using the Current Selection Group commands.

For formatting your charts through the Ribbon, follow the given steps.

Step 1 − Select the chart element you want to format. It appears in the box provided at the top of the group.

Step 2 − Click Format Selection. The Format pane appears for the selected chart element.

Step 3 − Format the selected chart element using the options in the format pane.

Current Selection Group

Refer chapter − Formatting Charts Quickly in this Tutorial.

Insert Shapes Group

You can insert different shapes in your chart selecting the shapes. After you insert a shape, you can add text to it, with Edit Text.

You can edit shape with −

  • Change Shape
  • Edit Points

Insert Shape Group

Shape Styles Group

You can change the style of the shape, choosing the given styles −

  • You can choose a Shape Fill Color.
  • You can Format Shape Outline.
  • You can add Visual Effects to the Shape.

Shape Styles Group

WordArt Styles Group

You can use the word art to change the way your chart is displayed. The available options are −

  • Fill the text with a color with the Text Fill command.
  • Customize the Text Outline.
  • Add visual effects to the text with Text Effects.

Wordarts Styles Group

Arrange Group

The Arrange Group commands are used to select the objects on your chart, change the order or visibility of the selected objects.

To see the objects that are present on your chart, click the selection pane command. The selection pane appears listing the objects available on your chart.

Arrage Group

Select the objects and then you can do the following with the selected objects −

  • Bring Forward
  • Send Backward
  • Selection Pane
  • Align
  • Group
  • Rotate

Size Group

The Size Group commands are used to change the width or the height of the shape or picture on the chart. You can use the shape height box and shape width box to change the height and weight respectively of a shape or picture.

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