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Common Network Troubleshooting Tools/Commands

Tools like ping, traceroute, lookup, whois, finger, netstat, ipconfig, and port scanners are available on nearly every operating system you can get your hands on. They’re used for everything from troubleshooting a connection to looking up information. Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, these tools are always close at hand. You’ll also […]

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44. Formatting Worksheets: Conditional Formatting

MS Office Excel Conditional Formatting feature enables you to format a range of values so that the values outside certain limits, are automatically formatted. Choose Home Tab » Style group » Conditional Formatting drop-down. Various Conditional Formatting Options Highlight Cells Rules − It opens a continuation menu with various options for defining the formatting rules that highlight the […]

43. Formatting Worksheets: Freezing Panes

Freezing Panes If you set up a worksheet with row or column headings, these headings will not be visible when you scroll down or to the right. MS Excel provides a handy solution to this problem with freezing panes. Freezing panes keeps the headings visible while you’re scrolling through the worksheet. Using Freeze Panes Follow […]

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39. Formatting Worksheets: Page Orientation

Page Orientation Page orientation refers to how output is printed on the page. If you change the orientation, the onscreen page breaks adjust automatically to accommodate the new paper orientation. Types of Page Orientation Portrait − Portrait to print tall pages (the default). Landscape − Landscape to print wide pages. Landscape orientation is useful when you have […]

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37. Formatting Worksheets: Sheet Options

MS Excel provides various sheet options for printing purpose like generally cell gridlines aren’t printed. If you want your printout to include the gridlines, Choose Page Layout » Sheet Options group » Gridlines » Check Print. Options in Sheet Options Dialogue Print Area − You can set the print area with this option. Print Titles − You can […]

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36. Formatting Cells

In MS Excel, you can apply formatting to the cell or range of cells by Right Click » Format cells » Select the tab. Various tabs are available as shown below Alternative to Placing Background Number − You can set the Format of the cell depending on the cell content. Find tutorial on this at MS Excel – […]