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How to register and book JIO Phone:

Jio Phone beta testing finally started on August 15, but the official date to pre-order the 4G feature phone is still a few days away. However, certain offline retailers have started taking Jio Phone bookings ahead of schedule, detailing the booking process, document required, and tentative delivery dates. The handset itself will hit the market for the public […]

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Download: BitTorrent Pro, the torrent download app full version for android

Find torrents and download them directly to your phone or tablet, AD-FREE, with the official BitTorrent® Pro app for Android– now with battery saving and auto-shutdown features. Upgrade to the Pro version of the BitTorrent® app– from the inventors of the BitTorrent protocol and the #1 BitTorrent client on desktops worldwide.** We know you love […]

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I am adding new lessons in background

Don’t Worry, I will be adding more and more new lessons for this course in background. You don’t have to update KamilTech app for getting new content because KamilTech app is working online, you will get a notification whenever new lesson or chapter will be added for current course. Thank you for using KamilTech app. […]

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35. Text Decoration in PowerPoint

In this chapter, we will understand how to decorate text in PowerPoint. PowerPoint offers many text decoration features and adds to the aesthetic sense of a presentation. These features can be accessed from the Homeribbon under the Font group. Given below are the various font decoration features and their functions in PowerPoint. S.No Icon & Description 1 Makes […]

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33. Managing Fonts in PowerPoint

One of the key elements of any good presentation is the text, hence managing the fonts in PowerPoint is vital to designing an impressive slideshow. PowerPoint offers extensive font management features to cover various aspects of fonts. The font management can be accessed from the Homeribbon in the Font group. You can also access font management features by […]

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31. Symbols and Special Characters in PowerPoint

PowerPoint supports the insertion of special characters. This allows the users to adjust the font characteristics of these characters just like any other text giving them greater flexibility in terms of the presentation design. The following steps will help you insert special characters. Step 1 − In the Insert Tab, under the Symbols group, click on the Symbolcommand. Step 2 − In […]