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31. Formatting Cells: Rotate Cells

You can rotate the cell by any degree to change the orientation of the cell. Rotating Cell from Home Tab Click on the orientation in the Home tab. Choose options available like Angle CounterClockwise, Angle Clockwise, etc. Rotating Cell from Formatting Cell Right Click on the cell. Choose Format cells » Alignment » Set the degree for rotation.

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27. Editing Worksheet: Undo and Redo

Undo Changes You can reverse almost every action in Excel by using the Undo command. We can undo changes in following two ways. From the Quick access tool-bar » Click Undo. Press Control + Z. You can reverse the effects of the past 100 actions that you performed by executing Undo more than once. If […]

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26. Editing Worksheet: Adding Text Box

Text Boxes Text boxes are special graphic objects that combine the text with a rectangular graphic object. Text boxes and cell comments are similar in displaying the text in rectangular box. But text boxes are always visible, while cell comments become visible after selecting the cell. Adding Text Boxes To add a text box, perform […]