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Biggest torrent site ExtraTorrent has shutdown permanently

ExtraTorrent’s chief, known only by his codename SaM, confirmed to TorrentFreak that it had decided to end operations. “It’s time we say goodbye,” he added. In addition, SaM also said that ExtraTorrent’s release group ETRG – which marked their torrents with either ‘ettv’ or ‘ethd’ – would also remain inactive, unless they were to “get […]

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WannaCry: Everything you need to know about the global ransomware attack

If you’ve done your best to stay away offline for the past two days so you could actually enjoy your weekend, you undoubtedly now find yourself trying to catch up on all the news surrounding WannaCry ransomware. This unprecedented malware attack began sweeping the globe late last week, and security researchers estimated that nearly 57,000 computers in more […]

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How to protect your computer from Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that cybercriminals use to hold your computer or computer files for ransom, demanding payment from you to get them back. Sadly, ransomware is becoming an increasingly popular way for malware authors to extort money from companies and consumers alike. There is a variety of ransomware can get onto a person’s machine, […]

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What is HOME Tab and it’s uses in Office Excel

Home tab contains the most frequently used options such as cut-copy-paste, font formatting, alignment, Number, Conditional formatting, etc. All the options are used to format the data.   Home tab contains 7 (Seven) groups: Clipboard Font Alignment Number Styles Cells Editing   1.    Clipboard: – This group contains frequently used commands: Cut, Copy, Paste […]

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What is REVIEW Tab in Office Excel

Review tab contains the editing feature, comments, track changes and workbook protection options. These features make it easy to share the data with the proper information whilst ensuring the security of data. Review tab contains 4 (four) groups: Proofing Language Comments Changes   1.    Proofing: –We use proofing to correct the typo mistakes through spelling […]