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30. Duplication of content in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a multi-content program that supports many non-text content types like shapes, charts, pictures, clip arts, SmartArt and multimedia files. While working with the content, it may sometimes be required to duplicate the content as part of the presentation development. PowerPoint offers options to duplicate the non-text content using the cutcopy-paste features. Cut-Paste Procedure […]

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28. Checking Spelling in PowerPoint

One of the best proofing tools available in PowerPoint is the spelling check. This is an automated proofing feature which will review the entire presentation for errors. To use this feature, you need to first set the Proofing language from the Language section under the Review ribbon. In the Language dialog, you can select the language you want to use for […]

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27. Translating a Content in PowerPoint

One of the newer features in PowerPoint is the content translation. This feature allows you to select content and have it translated into a different language. The following steps will help you translate content in PowerPoint. Step 1 − Select the text to be translated and click on Translate – Translate Selected Text under the Language section of the Review ribbon. Step […]

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Complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Office Powerpoint

Using Microsoft Office Powerpoint for making presentation is great but very tedious sometimes if you don’t find anything that you want in Ribbon. When we present something in Office Powerpoint, it’s really good if we don’t use mouse. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can use Microsoft Office Powerpoint a lot faster than you used it earlier and present […]