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How To: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Android

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5,  Yes it is a fantastic device. The large crisp screen and the S Pen (Stylus) make the hardware appealing. But what about the software that ships on the Note 5?If you aren’t the biggest fan of Samsung’s software…
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How To: Enable root access in CyanogenMod ROM

CyanogenMod is the best ROM based on android and I personally recommending everyone to use official ROM of CyanogenMod if it is available to your device. You will feel the core android experience in CyanogenMod ROM like Nexus devices - (No…
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Lock Apps Using Fingerprint Sensor on Samsung Galaxy S7, Edge & other Android Devices with Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor on an Android phone is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Some think of it as an easier way to unlock the phone without remembering the pin or the password, some think of it as an additional unit of hardware input device…
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Recover deleted contacts & messages from any Android device with this app for Windows

iStonsoft SMS+Contacts Data Recovery comes here to recover your sent or received SMS messages and deleted contacts from your Android cell phones accurately and completely. That means you can enjoy a 100% safe solution to find back your Android…
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Speedup Your Android & Boost Battery by 25% by This Simple Trick

Ok, I will not take long as this is just a simple trick I have found on many blogs and tested myself.This trick will definitely boost your android phones battery life up to 25% more and also the performance.Even if we have an Octa Core…
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How to: Install ClockworkMod Recovery in Samsung Galaxy Phones

CWM (ClockWorkMode) recovery is a famous custom recovery for android phones, It's a replacement for Stock Recovery which is usually the basic recovery mode for android phones that comes with very basic features.You will find many features…
Samsung Galaxy S3
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Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow in Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 with Official Cyanogenmod 13.0 ROM

Today I am going to show you that how can you upgrade your old & beloved Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 to latest Android Marshmallow 6.0 version using this official Cyanogenmod 13.0 ROM.Prerequisites: Of course, this will be an unofficial…
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Install Android 5.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 with Cyanogenmod 12.1

Hi, I am Kayyum Patel. Today I am going to show you that how can you upgrade your old & beloved Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 to latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 version using this unofficial Cyanogenmod ROM.Prerequisites: Of course, this will…