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How To: Recover lost or corrupted document in Microsoft Office Word 2016

Have you ever had a troublesome .doc or .docx file Word that you can’t seem to open? Or even lost a document completely, with all your hard work gone with it?We’ve all been there before, and if you don’t already, this is a hard…
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Windows 10 tip: Turn off Windows Defender permanently in Windows 10

Windows Defender is the default antivirus solution of Windows 10 just like it has been on Windows 8. The program is enabled by default and will turn itself off if another antivirus solution is installed provided that it is recognized by the…
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How To: Move Data from OneDrive to Google Drive or to Other Cloud Storage - [Update]

The Internet is angry at Microsoft. After promising unlimited storage with the Office 365 subscription, and 15 GB of storage for free users, the company has reneged on its promise. All because some users apparently abused the system. UPDATE:…
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8 Crazy WhatsApp Tricks You Probably Don't Know

WhatsApp, the messaging platform that cost Facebook $19 billion when it was acquired back in 2014, remains the most-used IM (Messaging) service with its parent's own platform - Messenger - following suit. And while you (probably) use it every…
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How To: Save Battery Life of your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphone batteries don't last forever, and some devices have an almost-embarrassing screen-on time. Those big luscious AMOLED and LCD screens are an obvious drain on your battery, but there are lots of things you can do behind the scenes to…
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How To: Disable Samsung S Voice from Home Button Samsung Galaxy S Series & Note Series Smartphone

Samsung S Voice is nice feature which have installed in Samsung Galaxy S Series as well as Galaxy Note Series Smartphones. With Samsung S Voice, it is possible to perform inputs via voice commands. S Voice can be activated by pressing twice…
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How To: Install .NET Framework 3.5 Offline in Windows 8.x & 10 without Internet

Now-a-days almost all 3rd party software require Microsoft .NET Framework installed in your system. The required .NET Framework version might be different for different software and the most required .NET Framework version is 3.5 which comes…
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How To: Write in other Native Languages (e.g. Russian, Hindi, Urdu, etc) by Just Typing in English

We are very familiar in writing English language in computer. but, what if you need to write in Indian Native Languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi or any other Indian Language?There are many fonts & keyboards available for writing…
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How The USB Charging Works

The tech world has finally coalesced around a charging standard, after years of proprietary adapters and ugly wall wart power supplies. Well, sort of: We’re already seeing some fragmentation in terms of the new USB-C connector, which could…
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Computer Hardware Glossary - Terminology

There are many types of hardware components that make up a computer. Without many of these components your computer simply wouldn't work. Not all computers have all of these items since some of them are optional but all computers will have many…