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What Are Facebook's 360 Degree Videos & How To Create & Upload Your Own Video

At the annual F8 Facebook developer conference in September, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled something new coming to your News Feed. It’s called 360 Videos, and Zuckerberg thinks it’s the future of watching videos.In a nutshell,…
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How To: Disable Samsung S Voice from Home Button Samsung Galaxy S Series & Note Series Smartphone

Samsung S Voice is nice feature which have installed in Samsung Galaxy S Series as well as Galaxy Note Series Smartphones. With Samsung S Voice, it is possible to perform inputs via voice commands. S Voice can be activated by pressing twice…
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How To: Install .NET Framework 3.5 Offline in Windows 8.x & 10 without Internet

Now-a-days almost all 3rd party software require Microsoft .NET Framework installed in your system. The required .NET Framework version might be different for different software and the most required .NET Framework version is 3.5 which comes…
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How To: Write in other Native Languages (e.g. Russian, Hindi, Urdu, etc) by Just Typing in English

We are very familiar in writing English language in computer. but, what if you need to write in Indian Native Languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi or any other Indian Language?There are many fonts & keyboards available for writing…
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Different Types of Ethernet Cables

Anyone who has plugged their computer into a broadband Internet connection such as cable or DSL has used an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are the standard cables commonly used to connect a modem to a router, and, likewise, to connect a router…
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How To: Cleanup System Files to Free-up Maximum Disk Space in Windows

As we all know that any operating system creates temporary files & cache while it updates itself or running applications and by many things.These temporary files & cache can be cleaned-up by various methods like Disk Cleanup in…
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Why Your Facebook Audience Not Able to See Your Facebook Page

Facebook page is a must have thing for Businesses or Websites because with you can target your relevant audience with your Business's Facebook Page.You can promote your business not only in your country but in whole world easily with Facebook…
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How To: Refresh, Reset or Recover Windows 8.x PC, Laptop or Tablet

If you are having problems with your Windows 8.1 computer & your operating system not performing well, you can Refresh your Windows 8 PC or Laptop or Tablet. Please Note: In Windows 8.1, there are Three options given in Settings for doing…
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iPhone Sucks Internet (Mobile) Data? Here is a Guide to Fix The Problem

iPhone users may get higher cellular(mobile) data usage with Apple iOS 9 and above version because there are some features introduced in iOS 9 which may eat your mobile data in background.If you are facing the same problem than these are…
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How To: Root Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung's latest flagship devices are two of the most beautiful, powerful smartphones ever made. And amazingly enough, thanks to legendary root developer Chainfire, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are about to get even more powerful.Shortly…