Clockworkmod Recovery - CWM

CWM (ClockWorkMode) recovery is a famous custom recovery for android phones, It’s a replacement for Stock Recovery which is usually the basic recovery mode for android phones that comes with very basic features.

You will find many features in CWM Recovery as below..

  • Nandroid backup – Nandroid backups is used to restore your device to an exact state.
  • advanced update zip – to install any custom ROM zipped file.
  • browsing option to choose files.
  • changes device’s primary operating system.
  • flash any custom ROM.
  • and much more…

To install any custom rom (cyanogenmod, AOSP or any) in Samsung Galaxy Phones, You need to install appropriate recovery in the device.

To do so, follow this article.

Before we go ahead, here are some pre-requisites that you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that your phone’s battery is charged over at least 60%. This is highly recommended in order to prevent any power issues on the device during the flashing process.
  2. Make sure that you have backed up all your important Contacts, Call Logs & Messages. It is highly recommended in case of any mishap or data loss to backup all your important data.
  3. Make sure that you use the original data cable to connect your device to your PC.
  4. In case of USB connection problems, enable USB debugging mode on your device. To do so, open Settings>General>Developer Options. If you can’t find the developer options, simply open About device and tap “Build Number” for 7 times and you should have the developer options enabled under the ”General Tab”.
  5. Install the listed files carefully, follow this guide to letter in order to prevent any mishap.

Files you need to download:

  1. Download and extract Odin for PC | Version 1.85 | Version 3.07Version 3.09Version 3.10
  2. Download and Samsung USB Drivers
  3. Download the CWM-Recovery OR Download the TWRP Recovery (Open link & filter your device to download CWM or TWRP Recovery).

How to Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy

  • Put your Samsung Galaxy in download mode. To do so, reboot your device while holding the Volume Down key, you should get a screen showing a warning and asking to continue, press Volume Up to continue.
  • Now your phone should be in downloading mode. Connect your phone to your PC.
  • Run Odin in your PC.
  • As soon as Odin detects your phone the ID:COM box will turn light blue.
  • Click on the PDA tab and select the CWM-Recovery file that you downloaded above.
  • Your Odin screen should look like exactly as shown below.
  • Click Start and the root process should start showing you a process bar in the first box above ID:COM.
  • The process is quite fast and will finish in a few seconds, as soon as it ends your device will get rebooted now, unplug it from the computer.
  • Congratulations you have your installed CWM recovery on your device now. To boot into CWM recovery, restart your phone while holding the Volume Up key, you should now see the CWM recovery.

Next Steps:

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