Samsung S Voice is nice feature which have installed in Samsung Galaxy S Series as well as Galaxy Note Series Smartphones. With Samsung S Voice, it is possible to perform inputs via voice commands. S Voice can be activated by pressing twice quickly on the home button.

If you don’t use Samsung S Voice and accidentally launch Samsung S Voice everytime or if your smartphone battery doesn’t last long because of Samsung S Voice, then you can deactivate/disable Samsung S Voice by following method.

You can also view video tutorial for deactivating Samsung S Voice from Home button below of this guide.

Simply launch Samsung S Voice by double tapping Home button or from menu.

After that tap in the upper right at the the three-point symbol. This will now display a small menu.

Select “Settings”.

In the section “Wake Up” you see the entry “Open via the home key”.

Remove the check mark in the check box so that S Voice is not opened immediately by pressing the Home button twice.


Here is the video tutorial for disabling Samsung S Voice from Home Key.


You just successfully disabled the Samsung S Voice on the Home button on the Samsung Galaxy S Series or Note Series Smartphone.

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