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Your one-stop Mac maintenance tool to clean up junks, boost Mac performance, and remove Mac malware and virus. With new MacBooster 4, it provides more powerful ability of cleaning up and protection for your Mac.

Features of MacBooster

Real-time Protection

Real-time Protection
Just like all operation system, as long as you are online, the Mac system is attacked by all kinds of virus, malware & ransomware. With the Real-time Protection, MacBooster 4 can provide your Mac with the safest protection all the time and make sure that you are in a safe internet environment. No worries about the privacy disclosure, phishing scams, system attack, etc.

Privacy Clean

Keep track of your Mac status

MacBooster 4 can protect your Mac by cleaning up all the unwanted history data on your Mac. With simply one click, MacBooster 4 allows you to erase the cache, cookies, browsing history (Including downloads), HTML5 local storage from your explorer. It also can remove the recent items, system preferences and clear the app traces to ensure that your personal information will never be exposed.

Privacy Clean
Extensions Manager

Extensions Manager

More unnecessary 3th party extensions on your Mac will drag your explorer and lead to a very slow exploring speed. And some of them are even unsafe. They might be stealing your personal information from behind. You may also suffer the Pop up ads from those malicious extensions. MacBooster 4 can easily remove them with just one click.

System Status

System Status

Keep track of your Mac status

MacBooster 4 shows a comprehensive but straight forward analysis of system status from three aspects including Malware Removal, System CleanUp, and Performance Boost.

One click scan and fix

With one click on “Scan,” MacBooster 4 shows you how many issues have been found. You can easily check details by clicking each meter or solve all problems by clicking “Fix” to reclaim more hard disk space and improve your Mac performance immediately.

System Cleanup

Mac helps you do amazing things like listening music, editing photos, gaming, working, and more. However, Mac hard drive space can be easily taken up by a variety of unwanted files, so your Mac deserves an extra care. MacBooster 4 can scan and clean deeply to free up space. With more space being released, you can put more important content on your Mac.

MacBooster 4 removes 13 different types of junk

Application Junk File

System Cache Files

System Log Files

Broken Login Items

Mail Attachment

Shortcuts Clean


Language Files

Trash Cleanup

Universal Binaries

iOS Photo Cache

IOS Software Update

User Downloads

Xcode Derived Data

Mac Software Install Packages

Download MacBooster 4

App Size: 28.5 MB

Click on Download below to download MacBooster (Full Version for Apple MAC)

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