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I always check my Facebook & Twitter profile viewers because by doing it I understand how much people are actively monitoring my profile.

I am a blogger so that I have to check this things but I am checking my profile visitors with paid services but there are many people who are willing to know who checked their Facebook profile. But they are not able to do so because there are many fake apps and services which just get their data by Facebook login.

Today I will show you one android app which I personally tested & recommend everyone who want to check their Facebook profile visitors.

The app is Profile Stalkers for Facebook. There are many apps available in Google Play Store which are fake & this app is not available in Google Play Store as well as this app is paid but you will get it for Free from here.

Profile Stalkers for Facebook is simple & small app by which you can only view your Facebook profile viewers only, nothing else.

Checkout the screenshots of my mobile below & download the app from the bottom of the post.

Check Facebook Profile ViewerCheck Facebook Profile ViewersCheck Facebook Profile Viewer

Download the Profile Stalkers for Facebook app for android from below.


Download Free App |

Install Instructions

Just install the downloaded apk file in your android smartphone.

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