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Why Your Facebook Audience Not Able to See Your Facebook Page

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Facebook page is a must have thing for Businesses or Websites because with you can target your relevant audience with your Business’s Facebook Page.

You can promote your business not only in your country but in whole world easily with Facebook Page.

But what if some people who found your page link from somewhere but not able to see it? or not able to like it as well as not able to see the posts of your page? or getting an error like below?

He/She will never visit your page again and you also lose your featured client or customer.

If you have the similar problem like I mentioned above, You need to follow the following Guide below.

The two things which you need to check in your Facebook Page Settings.

  1. Country Restrictions
  2. Age Restrictions

Here are the steps to resolve a problem by which some people in some specific countries or specific age aren’t able to view your Facebook Page.

Country Restrictions

Country Restrictions in Facebook are the option to manage In how many countries your page should visible & in which country you don’t want to show your Facebook Page. If you accidentally put this settings enable, your audience might effected.

To disable Country Restrictions

1 You need to login to your Facebook Account from which you are managing your Facebook page.

2 Now, Open the Facebook page in which you are getting problems.

3. Click on “Settings” at right corner on top (shown in an image below).


4 In Settings, you will find many options but don’t change anything if you don’t know what you are doing.


5 First of all, find “Country Restrictions” options & then click on edit.

kamil - country restrictions - facebook

6 If you are seeing any country names in the textbox beside Country Restrictions, you need to remove everything from that textbox. (leave other things as it is) then click Save Changes.

(e.g – I have a country in that textbox which is India, so it means my page is only visible to this country or hidden to this country as per condition checkbox below of that textbox).

But to show your page to whole world, you must need to blank textbox shown in the image below.

Congrats, Now your page is visible to whole World if you have followed the steps correctly.

Now also check Age Restrictions Setting just below the Country Restrictions Setting.

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Age Restrictions

If you wrongly set Age Restrictions, your page is only visible to those whose age is matching your criteria.

For example, if you set the Age Restrictions to “People who is 21 or over”. People who are below 21 years of age are not able to see your page on Facebook.

To disable Age Restrictions

1 Login to your Facebook Account from which you are managing your Facebook page.

2 Open the Facebook page in which you are getting problems.

3. Click on “Settings” at right corner on top (shown in an image below).

4. Find “Age Restrictions” and click on edit. (You will see something like in image below).

5. You need to select Age Restrictions from the drop-down list.

6. Select lowest (Anyone 13+)  and click on Save Changes.

Done, now you have also changed Age Restrictions.

After changes these two Settings, your page should be able to visible in every country. If your Facebook page is not visible to your visitors after changes these settings than that may be other problem other than these two. You can also send me inquiry about your problem by clicking here or by clicking “Get Help” from the menu.

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