Drivermax for windows

Drivermax is a software that lets you lets you easily backup all your windows drivers and reinstall them on to another computer or on to the same computer after a windows re-installation.It is also very useful to have a backup of these drivers in one single CD or on a drive other than C driver, as you normally install your windows OS in C drive. Drivermax thus saves you time and the need to look around for various driver CDs, whenever you reinstall windows on your PC/computer.

Most of the situations when Windows is running slower are caused by faulty driver installations. Windows stores all versions of older drivers just in case you want to go back; sometimes it messes up older versions with more recent ones. The Export Wizard will only export the drivers you select by copying the needed files to a folder or a compressed ZIP file.

Drivermax for Windows -

Drivermax for Windows

Why update my system drivers ?

In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device. A driver typically communicates with the device through the computer bus or communications subsystem to which the hardware connects.

Windows XP system drivers, Motherboards, Network Adapters, Video Adapters, Digital Cameras / Camcorders, MP3 Players, USB Devices, Modems, Keyboard, Windows Vista system drivers, VOIP (Voice Over IP) Phones, CD and DVD Drives, Sound Cards, Printers, Scanners, Webcams, Hard Disks, Wireless Devices, Mouse from different manufacturers like 3Com, Adaptec, AMD, Atheros, BenQ, Brother, Cisnet, Conexant, CXT, D-Link, Genius, Hauppauge, Hp, Intel, Leadtek, Lexmark, Logitech, Maxtor, MPC, Nikon, NVidia, Olympus, Philips, RealTek, Saitek, Sapphire, Sharp, Sony Ericcson , Toshiba, Western Digital

What kind of drivers cand DriverMax update ?

This feature can be very useful when you want to analyze the differences between the driver versions installed on different machines or when talking to tech support. You can also export all your current drivers to a folder or a compressed file. When reinstalling Windows you will have all drivers in one place!

DriverMax is able to display a full report of all installed drivers

What device driver types can update ?

Motherboard computer drivers are small programs that are read by Windows and allow basic computer functions while inside the operating system. These computer drivers normally include programs that enable broadband ports, USB ports and input / output ports for the mouse and keyboard. Depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard, these drivers may also include basic drivers for video and audio support. You can easily update these drivers using DriverMax, the free computer driver update tool. Give it a try and download the latest driver update for any hardware device!

Hardware drivers are programs that are designed to allow pieces of computer hardware to function on a computer. Video cards, sound cards, network cards and other expansion cards come with driver discs to ease the installation process of the hardware. Other devices, like certain kinds of digital cameras and MP3 players, have PC drivers programmed into their software for easy use on most makes of personal computers. DriverMax lets you download for free any driver update that you might need for your PC (video display adapter, graphics card, network adapter, sound controller, bluetooth, USB, camera, keyboard, mouse, hard driver, etc).

You can download the DriverMax Pro Full Version by clicking download button below

Download |

(After clicking Download, New  window will be open, Scroll to bottom and select “Slow Download” to download the file)

if you have any problem while downloading the file please click here (alternate download link)

Install Instructions:

1.Extract zip file and run drivermax.exe file
2.Don’t run the software after install.
3.Copy the .exe file from “crack” folder to installation directory
4.Run the software.
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2 replies
  1. Longest Journey says:

    I dont’ know much about Driver Max, but I know some about Driver Talent. I have been using Driver Talent for months. Every time, I use it to detect the outdated or broken drivers, it always could list the scanning results in a very short time. That’s really time-consuming. It could also download & install or repair the problematic drivers with mouse click. I’d say it is really effective. I will give 5 stars with high rating if let me give a review. :)

    • Kayyum Patel says:

      Thanks for comment sir,
      well, there are many softwares for drivers and all have their pros & cons, all softwares are pretty similar but with differet interface and yes you are right Driver Talent (previously called DriveTheLife) is a very easy to use driver updater program. Thanks for your suggestion I will add a post for DriverTalent also.


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