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Useful Tips of Facebook App for Android

Whether you're running Facebook on a Samsung Galaxy S8 or a trusty Google Pixel, you'll find these tips helpful for sorting through your news feed, improving the security of your account, finding the best content faster and sharing status…
Facebook Android App | kamiltech
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Easy Way to Download Videos from Facebook in Android

If you have an Android phone and an active user of Facebook, you must have wondered about the ways to download Facebook videos that appears on your timeline so that you can watch it over and over again without needing an internet connection.Although,…
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How To Stop Auto Playing Facebook Videos

Remember the days when Facebook videos only played when you clicked on them? If you want to return to that far finer age, all you need to do is toggle a few tucked-away settings to stop the auto-play madness.Auto-playing videos are annoying…
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How To Stop Facebook Videos from Automatically Trumpet Audio

In yet another bid to get your attention while browsing Facebook on your mobile device, Facebook now has videos set to automatically play the audio in your news feed. Here’s how to turn that annoying new “feature” off.Last year, Facebook…
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Want to sell/buy items on Facebook? Here is Facebook reintroduced "Facebook Marketplace"

Facebook wants to make it easier for its users to buy and sell items through the social network, so starting today, it’s introducing Marketplace. The new feature is designed to be similar to Craigslist, or other online second hand stores.Already…
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Use Multiple Accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook, etc with Parallel Space-Multi Accounts for Android

You can use & manage multiple accounts of social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and many more with Parallel Space-Multi Accounts in your android smartphone. Login to multiple social networking or gaming accounts at the same time •…