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8 Navigation Tricks Every Apple iPad User Should Know

Like any piece of technology, iPads aren’t completely obvious when you first pick them up. They have their own language of gestures, swipes, and button presses you should learn to become more comfortable using them. None of these gestures…
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How To: Uninstall Pre-Installed Apps in Windows 10

​Windows 10 includes a variety of universal apps, and there’s no easy way to hide them from the “All Apps” view in the new Start menu. You can uninstall them, but Microsoft doesn’t allow you to easily uninstall them in the usual way. You…
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How To: Check Your Transit Time in Google Maps

From the Delhi to the Mumbai and parts in-between, there’s a universal question that comes to all commuters: when is the train coming? Google Maps usually has the answer. If you’re tired of looking around for signage inside the station,…
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How To: Reset App Data in Windows 10

With Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, you can now reset an app’s data without actually uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This can fix problems when an app has gotten into a bad state, or just quickly restore an app to its default settings. You’ll…
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How To: Write in other Native Languages (e.g. Russian, Hindi, Urdu, etc) by Just Typing in English

We are very familiar in writing English language in computer. but, what if you need to write in Indian Native Languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi or any other Indian Language? There are many fonts & keyboards available for writing…
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How To: Refresh, Reset or Recover Windows 8.x PC, Laptop or Tablet

If you are having problems with your Windows 8.1 computer & your operating system not performing well, you can Refresh your Windows 8 PC or Laptop or Tablet. Please Note: In Windows 8.1, there are Three options given in Settings for doing…
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How To: Root Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung's latest flagship devices are two of the most beautiful, powerful smartphones ever made. And amazingly enough, thanks to legendary root developer Chainfire, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are about to get even more powerful.Shortly…
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Stop Tottering With Mouse & Learn How To Move/Position Table Easily In Microsoft Office Word

Moving a table in a Word document can be tricky. Here's how to make Word move it into the right place for you. position it for you. You've just created a table at the end of the first page of your Word document, but would like the table to…
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Speedup Your Android & Boost Battery by 25% by This Simple Trick

Ok, I will not take long as this is just a simple trick I have found on many blogs and tested myself. This trick will definitely boost your android phones battery life up to 25% more and also the performance. Even if we have an Octa Core…
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How to: Install ClockworkMod Recovery in Samsung Galaxy Phones

CWM (ClockWorkMode) recovery is a famous custom recovery for android phones, It's a replacement for Stock Recovery which is usually the basic recovery mode for android phones that comes with very basic features. You will find many features…