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Understanding Workbooks and Worksheets in Excel

microsoft office excel

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An Excel file, often referred to as a workbook, contains one or more spreadsheets, or worksheets. Each box in the worksheet area is referred to as a cell. Each cell has a cell address, which is composed of a column reference and a row reference. The letters across the top of the worksheet make up the column reference. The numbers down the left side of the worksheet make up the row reference. For example, the address of the top, leftmost cell is A1. This is because the cell is located at the intersection of the A column and row 1.

By default, Excel 2013 opens a new workbook with one blank worksheet. You can add, delete, and rename worksheets within a workbook, as needed.

Explore Worksheets

  1. Open Excel and open a new Blank workbook.
  2. The workbook opens with one worksheet called Sheet1. This worksheet contains cells you can use to start entering and editing data.
  3. Click the plus icon to add a new worksheet.
  4. The new worksheet is added and named Sheet2. Each time you add a worksheet, Excel gives the worksheet a default name of Sheet XX, where XX is the next sequential number.

Explore Columns, Rows, and Cells

  1. Click the column reference and observe how the entire column is selected.
  2. Click the row reference and observe how the entire row is selected.
  3. Click the cell intersecting at column A and row 1. You can select a single cell on the worksheet area.
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