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I heard somewhere that we can run JIO 4G sim in 3G devices and wondered that how is it possible? because JIO is a pure 4G network. So, if we look technically, it is impossible I thought. But, I personally tested myself and found that I got a network of JIO in my MOTO G2 as well as I can use it’s Internet without any problem.

So, I today tell you some of the different methods to run JIO sim in your 3G handset.


All smartphone chips are not the same. So that, you need to understand that what chipset your smartphone is running.

I am not responsible if you make any damage to your device because these methods can make your device unusable.

So please don’t try if you are not knowing that what you are doing.

Now a days, there are 3 processors found on smartphones.

  1. Qualcomm. (Method: MTK Engineering App or Xorware App or Manual)
  2. MediaTek. (Method: MTK Engineering App or Xorware App)
  3. Samsung Exynos (Only in Samsung Smartphones) – (Xorware App or MTK Engineering App)

To check which chipset your smartphone is running, visit and search for your smartphone model number and than look for chipset than follow the method according to your processor or chipset.

Method 1: For Qualcomm & MediaTek Processors

1] First of all, download & install MTK engineering mode on your device.

jio in 3g phone

2] You will 2 options. Click on ‘MTK settings’.

3] Tap on ‘preferred network’.

4] Now you have to select 4G LTE/WCDAMA/GSM option from the list. You can also choose LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL) option.

jio 3g in redmi and micromax

5] Save everything & restart your phone.

6] Now it will show network on Jio 4G sim.

7] Turn on data & enjoy JIO 4G in your 3G device.

Note : This trick might not work on Samsung Smartphones.

Method 2: MediaTek, Qualcomm and Samsung Exynos

1] Download Xorware 2G/3G/4G interface pro & switcher apps. They are very small in size (less than 1 MB).

2] Now open Xorware interface app & it you will see something like this:

jio 4g in 3g phone trick

3] Change 2G & 3G network modes to 4G LTE as shown below:

jio in 3g android smartphone

4] Click on apply & restart your phone.

5] Now insert Jio sim & turn on phone.

6] If everything is fine then you will be able to use Jio’s internet.

Method 3: If above two method won’t work then use this method

  1. Open phone dialer & enter following code : *#*#4636#*#*
  2. Now you will see 4 options.
  3. Select phone information.
  4. Set preferred network to LTE.

By using above mentioned methods, you can run JIO 4G sim in your 3G smartphone. If these methods do not work for you then let me know in the comment and don’t try many things on your little smartphone because it may damage your device.


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