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The following guide will help you download and install iOS 10 / 10.0.1 on your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device the right way, To find out whether your device is compatible with iOS 10 or not, you can check out the details in our iOS 10 compatibility post here.

Before going ahead with installing iOS 10 / 10.0.1 on your device, it is important to note that backing up your data, either using iTunes or iCloud, is highly recommended before installing a major upgrade such as iOS 10. This is so that you can always revert back to your old setup incase anything goes wrong during or after the update.

Once you are done with the backup, follow the instructions below to update to iOS 10.

Below are all the direct download links for iOS 10 / 10.0.1:





You need iTunes to Restore/Update your iPhone with below mentioned IPSW files, Click here to Download Apple iTunes x32 and x64 versions.

Install Instructions:

1.Download IPSW.
2.Download/Open iTunes.
3.Connect your iPhone.
4.Press Shift key + Click on restore button in iTunes.
5.Select downloaded IPSW in the opened dialog box and click Open.
6.Wait till iTunes finishing flashing your iPhone.
7.Disconnect your iPhone when process finished in iTunes.


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