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44 Best New Features & Changes in Android P (Android 9)

Even though most phones don't have Oreo yet, Google has released the first beta tester build of Android P that anyone with a compatible device can install. It's available on Google's own Pixel devices, as well as partnered devices from Essential,…
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List of Devices to get the Android 8 Oreo Update

The wait is over, and Google has finally announced Android Oreo. Not surprisingly, Google’s own Nexus and Pixel devices are among the first to receive the latest Android operating system. In case you’re wondering when devices from other…
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 receiving Android Nougat upgrade in India

Samsung is rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat update in India. Samsung has already rolled out Android Nougat update for Note 5 in Turkey and followed by United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.…
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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini users are getting Android 6.0.1 Update

It's been almost two and a half years since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 mini - but the device was just 15 months old when Google originally released Android 6.0 Marshmallow in October 2015. Now, a year later, Samsung has finally begun rolling…
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What to do if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It was the straw that broke the camel's back, or in Samsung's case, the last explosion before the decision was made to end production. Amidst the chaos of lithium-ion batteries and spontaneous combustion, Samsung finally announced that it will…
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Samsung permanently discontinues production of Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone

It looks like the inevitable has happened: Samsung is permanently discontinuing the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, after repeated manufacturing problems that cause the handsets to catch fire and explode. After months of frustration, sales halts,…
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Samsung reveals the Galaxy A8 (2016)

In July 2015, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A8, the thinnest smartphone it had ever released. Today, the new Galaxy A8 (2016) has been revealed, and it's a bit chunkier than its predecessor - 7.2mm, compared with 5.9mm - but it's still pretty…
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How To:  Check If Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not

​Samsung's Galaxy Note7 fiasco has been the talk of the town recently, with a number of faulty units going around, forcing the company to issue a recall. Due to the danger it poses, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission followed…

Samsung Galaxy A5 (older 2015) Starts Receiving Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Upgrade

Good news for Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 owners as Samsung has started seeding Android Marshmallow updates for the new Galaxy A5 (2015). The firmware upgrades include the Android OS version (Android Marshmallow 6.0.1), complete with Doze mode,…
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Samsung's Galaxy Note7 debacle could cost the company more than $700 million

With the recent mass recall for the Galaxy Note7, an analyst predicts that it may cost Samsung 820 billion won ($738.2 million) in its second half operating profit in order to clean up its act. The Korean tech giant recently halted the sales…