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Camera Glossary - Basic Terminology of Camera & Photography

Like any other technology, art form or field, digital cameras have their own nomenclature. The alphabet soup of jargon can be as confusing and intimidating as trying to understand how all those dials, buttons, levers and menu options affect…
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Comprehensive List of Linux & Unix Commands

Below is a listing of each of the Unix and Linux commands currently listed on Computer Hope and a brief explanation of each command. This is a full listing which means not all the below commands will work with your distribution and may also…
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Virus Types - Glossary & Terminology

When it comes to fighting viruses and other forms of infections that can cause damage to your computer or files it helps to know some terminology to keep yourself aware of what to look for when protecting your computer. Here is a listing…
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Computer Hardware Glossary - Terminology

There are many types of hardware components that make up a computer. Without many of these components your computer simply wouldn't work. Not all computers have all of these items since some of them are optional but all computers will have many…
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Computer Networking Terminology - Common

There are hundred of words, phrases and terms used in the computer networking. Since most of us are not future Cisco employees thus I decided to list some of the more common terminology you may come across or need to know. Here is a list of…