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Root Cleaner is a paid application priced at 420 inr. You can get Root Cleaner for Free from here.

Root Cleaner is a fantastic application to clean the mess in your android smartphone or tablet and truly improve performance of your android device.


Main purpose of application Root Cleaner is to scan your device to find a mess in your system and on your storage and clean it. And what is good on cleaning your device?

It is improving your performance! By clicking one button, Root Cleaner cleans all your empty folders, temporary, files, log files, dormant files and folders, leftovers in your system and much more, so you can get maximum performance from your device.

Other purpose of this application is optimizing your system by cleaning dalvik cache and fixing permissions of your system applications. And last but not least, you will get App manager which allows you to uninstall, clear data and freeze or unfreeze all your system and also downloaded applications.

Download the Root Cleaner Pro app for android from below.


Download Free App |

Install Instructions

Just install the downloaded apk file in your android smartphone.


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