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WhatsDog was one of the greatest free app for tracking WhatsApp Numbers Online Status. But the app was not working since many months as well as WhatsDog developers released their latest version WhatsDog 5.0 in ~March 2016 but that version is also unstable and now it is completely unusable.

Many users contacted me for WhatsDog’s latest version status but I was also unsure about the new updated version of WhatsDog was in development or not because I also not able to contact WhatsDog app development team.

I have also tested many other free apps and services for tracking WhatsApp online status but all are fake or non working versions.

On my Facebook page, one user suggested the Web app (website) to track WhatsDog online status which is working and also it is completely free for tracking two WhatsApp numbers.

Then I have tested the website named whatsdetective and YES it is working.

Those users who are frustrated with WhatsDog can give a try to whatsdetective. It is working.

I have tested the whatsdetective website, you can see the screenshot below.

WhatsDog WhatsApp

I have tracked my own number and it is working, I have blurred my number for privacy reasons.

The best thing about whatsdetective is it is a web app. So that you only need an Internet browser regardless you have any platform like android, iphone, windows, etc.

The drawback whatsdetective is you will not get any notification when the contact goes online. But, it is better than nothing. whatsdetective can work in any smartphone and computer which has an Internet browser.

Give a try to whatsdetective and let me know if it is working for you or not in the comment section below.


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  1. neel says:

    Hello ,sir it’s showing me tomorrow all detail , but today that person is online but it does not show me anything , only write no enteries for day ,as the person is online ,plz solve it.


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