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As we all know that Google has acquired the developer behind magisk thus after version 24 of magisk, we will not see magisk hide feature in Magisk root.

Magisk hide is a neat feature that can hide magisk root from various apps like Banking apps, Google Play Services or even from any app you install.

But, don’t worry as we have a new solution called Zygisk.

Wait, what the heck is this Zygisk now?

We can say Zygisk is a new generation Magisk hide. Zygisk is what the Magisk developers call running Magisk in the Zygote Process of Android. The Zygote Process is the principal cycle that the OS begins when it boots up, like PID 1 on other Linux-based working frameworks. Since the zygote begins first after framework, it can conceal root without sending information to applications.

To use Zygisk you must be on the Magisk version 24.1 or later.

Ok now open Magisk app in your android device and open settings as seen in the image below:

Then, at that point, slide down a little bit. You will see “Zygisk Beta”. Enable it. Furthermore, enable “Enforce Denylist” as well.

From that point forward, you will see your app list.
Select Google Play Services and enable all the switches. Furthermore, select other apps from which you want to hide root. Then, enable all the switches for those apps as well.

That’s it! Now reboot the phone and you have hidden root from Google Play Services and the apps you have selected. But don’t forget if you are using a module using Zygisk, it won’t work on selected apps. You can use Magisk hide only in Magisk version 23 or earlier and Zygisk Magisk hide in Magisk 24.1 or later.



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