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When you connect to a NAS in Windows, it will often helpfully remember the username and password of the NAS account it got access through. Forever. So, if you want to log into the NAS as a different user, well – tough. Windows already has a working set of credentials, and by jingo it’s gonna use them. The fix? From the command prompt, enter:

net use * /delete /yes

This will get rid of all connected share credentials, however you may want to just get rid of the credentials for a specific share. If so, you can use:

net use \\YOUR-SHARE-LOCATION /delete /yes

For example, the get rid of the credentials for the “Code” share on my NAS:

net use \\ETHERNET_BD\Code /delete /yes

Now, to map the share to a drive and give it the credentials YOU want Windows to use, go with:


So, if I wanted to map the Code share of my NAS to the Z: drive, and access it with a user called bob who has a password MyClevahPass123, I’d use:

net use Z: \\ETHERNET_BD\Code MyClevahPass123 /user:bob

Done & dusted.

Please Note: The credentials you supply must be the username/password of the user the SHARE knows to grant access to, not just your own Windows username/password. Just clarifying =D