The government’s demonetisation drive has resulted in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes being declared illegal with people queuing up outside banks, ATMs to try and get their hands on some cash. These old notes have been replaced with new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes, and a lot of rumours are circulating around the new notes. While an earlier one claimed the Rs 2000 note came with a Nano-GPS chip to prevent hoarding, there are now apps in the Play Store claiming to verify the authenticity of the new notes. One such app was called Modi Keynote by Barra Skull Studios which has been taken off the Play Store. The problem: Other fake apps claiming to do the same have now come up on the App Store.

One such clone app is called Modi KeyNote by Dexter_Dev Entertainment, which declares it self as a prank app on Google Play Store. The App description reads, “Modi KeyNote app is created for entertainment purpose to spread the message of our honourable PM Modi ji and app will help to fight against black money. Just download this app, place the camera infront of your new 500 or 2000 note, within 10 sec camera will scan your note and play Modi Ji Video Speech.”

The app claims that if a user places a Rs 2000 or Rs 500 in front of the camera, it will scan the note and then play a video of the PM Modi on top of the note, sort of like an augmented reality experience.

However the description goes on to add, “Dont use this app to check original money, as this is just Prank app. Please share this app with your loved ones and friends, and spread the message our honourable PM Modi ji.”

Of course the problem is that people might still believe these apps. Also if someone just reads the first two lines of description, you’d likely believe that the app can actually scan the notes for authenticity.

Quite a few of these note scanning apps have come up which claim to play a video of the PM when you place a Rs 2000 note in front of the camera in the app. Given that the Nano-GPS chip in the Rs 2000 note is still being believed by some, these apps are likely to cause more confusion.

Our suggestion: don’t download any of these apps, as most are just fake tools that you don’t need on your smartphone. In order to know the actual features of the Rs 2000 or Rs 500 note, just head over the Reserve Bank of India website.

Source: IndianExpress




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