microsoft office excel

In Excel, you put dollar signs in a cell reference to keep it fixed when you copy a formula around.  It’s laborious having to type dollar signs into a cell reference, but fortunately there’s a keyboard shortcut you can use instead!

  1. Start creating your formula up to the point where you’ve entered the cell reference you want to add dollar signs to.

Creating the original formulaHere we want to put dollar signs in the H3 cell reference, so we have selected it.

  1. Make sure the text cursor is in contact with the cell reference, and then press the F4 key on the keyboard.

Dollar signs in formulaTwo dollar signs appear in the selected cell reference.

You can continue pressing F4 to cycle through the various combinations of dollar signs – for the example above these would be H3$H$3H$3 and $H3.

You can see this technique in action in below image.

F4 key is pressed again and again.