microsoft office excel

There are two options to select a range of cells quickly:

Either you can Select the first cell, press Shift, select another cell and then click the mouse or Select the first cell, type the address of the last cell in the Name box, and then press SHIFT+ENTER.


The below snapshot helps you on how to select range A1:A4


  • Select cell A1
  • Enter A4 in Name Box & then press Shift + Enter


  • After pressing Shift + Enter, the range A1:A4 will get selected.


To quickly select a range A2:A4 in the Workbook, follow the below-mentioned steps:


The best way to select a cell or range of cells in either the current or any other sheet in the workbook is by selecting the Name defined for that range from the Name Box dropdown list to the left of the Formula Bar.

The Name Box contains a list of the Names assigned to the cell addresses(Fruits in our example). Selecting a Name is the same as selecting the address of a cell or range of cells in the active workbook.


This is how you can select a range of cells in a workbook in Microsoft Office Excel.

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