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Ok, I will not take long as this is just a simple trick I have found on many blogs and tested myself.

This trick will definitely boost your android phones battery life up to 25% more and also the performance.

Even if we have an Octa Core processor along with 2Gb RAM and 3000mAH battery in our Android device, yet the Dual Core iPhone 6s are out perform android. Don’t be silly by thinking to park your boat to iOS as iOS also has it’s drawbacks.

Speaking to this point, Reddit user pbrandes_eth last week decided to test the notion that running and even having Facebook installed on an Android device can have an adverse impact on performance.

Using his LG G4 as a guinea pig, pbrandes_eth found that Facebook’s apps are not only battery hogs, but that they can also affect the performance of other applications. Specifically, testing revealed that when Facebook and Facebook Messenger were uninstalled, other apps on the LG G4 launched as much as 15% faster. While the time differential at launch is just about a second, it does make one wonder just what exactly Facebook is doing underneath the hood.

Gibbs Says:

Despite the Facebook app not showing up as using a significant amount of power within Android’s built-in battery statistics, it was evidently consuming more power in the background than it needed to.

It turned out other Android services including Android system and AndroidOS showed reduced battery consumption when the Facebook app was uninstalled. Those services act as a buffer for many apps to the outside world when running in the background. So while Facebook didn’t look like it was using that much power, it was actually just being displayed elsewhere in Android’s statistics.

So, uninstalling the Facebook app saves both battery and speeds up Android phones, it seems.

Yes, Facebook provides a lot of utilities and entertainment to us even we are addicted to Facebook. If you are not but I am.

So my suggestion is if you have an android device with Facebook app and you are facing battery and performance issues, uninstall the Facebook app and access Facebook via your android mobile web browser by typing “http://facebook.com” or “http://m.facebook.com” and you will surely fill performance and battery improvement in your android device.

Try it and let me know in the comment section below.

Source: The Guardian, BGR

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