Honor 6x is a very good smartphone in budget segment with many flagship features like dual camera, netal body, sleek design, 4gb RAM, etc.

I am personally using it as my primary handset since 6 months and I am very happy with Honor 6x.

As well as many features, Honor 6x has a very handy feature The “Scrollshot“, which I really like.

With Scrollshot, you can capture complete  (Scrolling) Webpage as an image in a single click for sharing a whole Webpage as an image. Isn’t it a handy feature? Ofcourse Yes.

Many of us don’t know about Scrollshot. Below I will tell you how you can capture a full Webpage in a single click on your honor 6x smartphone. (Scrollshot is available in many honor and huawei smartphones,. You can try on other Huawei and Honor smartphone model also).

To take a scrolling screenshot or scroll capture –

1.        Open the content you wish to take a scrolling screenshot of.

2.        Take screenshot.

3.        The screen will flash and capture a single screenshot, then press Scrollshot in the bottom-Right corner.

4.        The screen will scroll, and capture full screen.

5.         You can click on screen to stop.

This is the way by which you can capture and share a complete Webpage as an image on social media, whatsapp or anywhere you want.

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