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Since Whatsdog stopped functioning, many users were contacted me for the new WhatsDog alternative or for new functional WhatsDog version.

WhatsDog team has released the bew version of their app but it was full of bug and non functional for many users including me.

After that I found the new WhatsApp Tracking Website (whatsdetective.com). My website users are happy till now and whatsdetective.com web app is working flawlessly but one drawback of whatsdetective.com is it is an web app thus, you have to use it in your web browser to track any WhatsApp number. It is a web app so it cannot give you any notification.

After a long time, one of the user of kamiltech.com has found an working WhatsApp Tracking App and it is Wossip.

Wossip is an Android App so you just need to install it and you are good to go.

Wossip allow you to monitor the WhatsApp usage of your friends and family notifying you when they are online or offline even if they are hiding the last connection time. It will also monitor if he or she changes the profile picture or status message (if their privacy settings allow it).

Wossip is very helpful to monitor the WhatsApp usage of your kids and family and it will show how much time the monitored contact have been connected to WhatsApp during the day.

Some features of Wossip are:

– Check the time and date the contact have been online or offline

– Receive notifications when the contact is online or change the profile picture

– Check how much time your kids are spending in WhatsApp

Wossip works flawlessly and way better than others of the same kind. Wossip is an independent service from Mobile Innovations

Wossip is free to use for 7 days after you install. You need to purchase Wossip after 7 days trial expires.

You can download Wossip App for Android from below

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